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I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with an MSc in Behaviour Analysis and Therapy, a Postgraduate in Behaviour Analysis Supervised Practice and a BSc in Psychology (Hons).

I am a member of the UK-SBA (UK Society for Behaviour Analysis).


I can help if:

You require support working with, or parenting, young people/adults with learning disabilities and/or challenging behaviour

You, or a young person, are experiencing mental health difficulties such as excessive worry

You require support working with, or parenting, a young person who is experiencing social or emotional difficulties

You are looking for a practitioner to provide Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

You require training for yourself or for your company, on specific behaviour related difficulties

You are looking to network or have questions about behaviour analysis

I have listed the highlights of my training on the panel below.

Samantha Jade Parker​ BSc (Hons), MSc, PGDip, BCBA


  • Trauma Informed Care for Behaviour Analysts - CEUey - 2020

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Webinar - CR Institute - 2020

  • ABA in a Forensic Setting, Psychiatrists and BCBAs Working Together, Dementia and Behaviour Analysis, Setting-Wide PBS, Sleep Assessment and Intervention - WiseBytes - 2020

  • Assessment and Treatment of Challenging Behaviour and Assessment and Treatment of Paediatric Feeding Disorders - UK-SBA - 2016

  • Relational Frame Theory - Tizard - 2021

  • The Enhanced Choice Model 2021

  • Psychological Safety and Flexibility During Supervision with the Pro Social Matrix - NV Instruction - 2021

  • The Behavioural and Ethical Implications of Shame in American Culture - 2022

  • Acquired Brain Injury and Positive Behaviour Support - 2022

Hobbies and Likes..​

I enjoy visiting my family, who live by the sea. I am a red stripe in kickboxing - a hobby I have enjoyed for around 8 years. I am passionate about my work. I absolutely love the outdoors and my two dogs, and reading/watching crime thrillers! 

Girl in the Woods
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