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Support for caregivers
using the science of behaviour


  • Caregiver support - I can provide coaching and support to parents in managing challenging behaviours at home following an information collecting process. Following this assessment process, I can provide you with a Positive Behaviour Support Plan which is Trauma-informed and clearly outlines strategies for use in the home. If you are struggling with specific behaviours I will create clear protocols for you to use with the young person.  

  • Active role-play - As part of our parent support we provide in-person role-play and behavioural skills training (instruction, modelling, rehearsals and feedback). We do this to ensure that parents are confident to carry out our protocols.

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Upcoming Events..

We are planning to run a 6-week parenting course, each session will explore a specific behavioural principle. 

Register your interest here.

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