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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I have obtained written permission to share this data in accordance with the BACB ethical code.

This ABA design (not for research purposes; data from a client) depicts the behaviours crying, property damage and negative verbal statements. These broad definitions of behaviour were all operationally defined (objective, observable, clear and complete definitions of examples and non-examples of behaviours) with the client.

Property damage completely stopped, from the week commencing the 16th November.

Crying and negative verbal statements remained at a low level including during baseline until strategies were removed, at which time negative verbal statements increased to a medium level (low and medium level refers to the data path trends).

Let me know if you have any additional observations. I have not provided any detailed intervention information here but I am happy to (email me!) I am happy that we were able to reduce property damage for this client and negative verbal statements with the strategies that I suggested. In retrospect I wish I had taken more baseline data in order to get a better grasp on baseline levels of behaviour.

Best wishes.

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