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Hi everyone,

I wanted to write a post about how I studied for the BACB exam, incase it proves helpful for anyone!

  • I used the BDS modules for 6 months: I found these hard as you needed 100% to master; I personally realised that I was not feeling positive about my learning. However, I do think it helped with the fine discriminations needed to pass.

  • I used Cooper: I looked through the chapters closely and wrote down any topics/information that I felt I needed to learn more about.

  • Flashcards: I made my own from the Cooper information (above) that I felt I did not know.

  • Quizlet: This app helped me because I created my own quizzes and flashcards.

  • ABA Wizard: I used this app and found it helpful!

Absolutely none of this information is an advertisement for any of these products. I just wanted to share what helped me, in the hope of helping someone else!

Samantha Parker

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