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BACB Statement

Hi all,

I intend to use this blog to write about behaviour analysis as a field. Our ethical code (PDF below) stipulates that 'behaviour analysts promote behaviour analysis by making information about it available to the public through presentations, discussions and other media' (6.02 disseminating behaviour analysis).

On that note, I wanted to share here the BACBs (Behaviour Analyst Certification Board) recent statement in regards to equality in line with recent events (below).

If you have any questions about what services I currently provide, contact me for more information.

Kind regards.

"The tragic events over the past week and ongoing social injustices in the US are a stark reminder of the systemic racism in our country. We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, certificants, clients, and the entire Black community in condemning all acts of racism, discrimination, and senseless acts of violence.

The BACB is committed to diversity and equality and places the highest value on inclusivity in all environments, including professional settings, universities, and the community at large. Although the BACB, as the profession’s certification board, cannot speak for or represent our discipline as a whole, our professional associations can and do. Thus, we commend APBA, ABAI, and others for their recent detailed position statements condemning social injustices and reaffirming our discipline’s commitment to inclusivity and mutual respect for all people."

Ethics Code
Download PDF • 329KB

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