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Consultancy Services - ABA and PBS

Consultancy Services - ABA and PBS

If you have had an initial consultation and are happy to procede with services, I will then start the process of behavioural assessment.


The behavioural assessment will define the target behaviours to either decrease or increase. This is not limited to challenging behaviours - I also work with individuals seeking to increase communication skills and/or motivation, and many other behaviours. 


During this time, a variety of evidence based tools will be used to discover the function of the behaviour, or behaviours. Data will be needed throughout the assessment process to record a 'baseline' measure of behaviour (to observe how much the behaviour is occurring before intervention).


Once assessments have been carried out and the function or functions of the behaviour(s) are known, we will then create a personalised intervention plan.


This intervention plan will be based on the clients (this is what we call the individual receiving services) preferences and will use reinforcement techniques, wherever possible, to change behaviour. The intervention will be evidence-based, and data will continue to be taken to ensure and monitor effectiveness.


I charge £50 an hour for my consultancy services. 

Services can be in person, or remote (phone call or Zoom).

A contract outlining expectations will be made prior to the onset of services to ensure transparency at all times.

Please email for more information

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