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Trauma and Behaviour Webinar

Trauma and Behaviour Webinar

This training is designed for behaviour analysts, aspiring behaviour analysts, RBTS and ABA tutors. You will be able to collect 2 CEUs. The content of this webinar is also applicable to other professionals, such as teaching assistants, psychologists and support workers, and to parents/caregivers. This is a popular course which is frequently adapted and updated based on the feedback we receive from our attendees and current research. The webinar is accessible via this link:


Trauma can be behaviourally defined as observable behavioural excesses or deficits an individual experiences due to a past event in which physical or emotional harm took place. In this training we look at potential behaviour excesses and deficits, research studies, ethical implications, interventions and trauma informed practice. 


Samantha Parker (BCBA) has been working in settings with individuals who have experienced trauma for 9.5 years now. These settings include prisons, recovery centres, mental health wards, residential settings and in education.


Olivia (Liv) Childs (co-presenter) has worked in pupil referral units (PRUs), in educational settings and on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) home programmes. Liv is passionate about mental health and how behaviour analysis can contribute to the mental health sector. 

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